About Salus

Since 2012, Salus Medical has been focused on delivering economy and value to our clients.

Due to our focus on your needs, we have experienced tremendous growth within our short history. As we have developed over the years, we have formed strategic relationships with a wide variety of suppliers nationwide, enabling Salus Medical to supply a range of low-cost yet high-quality products.

By offering a broad portfolio of products, we are able to service multiple medical facilities and providers within the healthcare continuum; including pharmacies, clinics, surgery centers, and hospitals.

As regulations increase, many providers within the healthcare system are left with fewer options in cost-effective, client-focused suppliers.

We are a national wholesale distributor based in Phoenix, Arizona, and we are proud of our products. As generic wholesalers, generic pharmaceutical distributors, or however you would like to label us, we remain consistent in our dedication to giving YOU the best service.

In 2012, we realized that there was a big problem: there were far too many gaps in the healthcare delivery system. We wanted to help you prioritize your patients and keep their care high-quality, low-cost, and expeditious. Since our realization, we have worked hard to provide exceptional products at reasonable prices. In 2014, we ventured further into our role as generic wholesalers. Our generic drug wholesalers list is created to accommodate your need to serve your patients quickly and effectively.

Today, we supply medical facilities across the United States. We are thrilled to be a part of the solution; whether we are primary or secondary pharmaceutical wholesalers. We are ready to team up with you!

Interested in working with Salus?

At Salus Medical, we are always eager to speak with talented, team-oriented professionals that are interested in a career with our company. If you are interested in forming a partnership or relate to our core values, we would love to hear from you.