10 Best COVID-19 Resources

Like the virus, it may seem as if information (and misinformation) is everywhere.

Feeling overwhelmed with so many COVID-19 headlines and updates? Well, we’ve created a condensed list so you can stop worrying if this “resource” is actually a quality resource or just some conspiracy blog written by your best friend’s cousin.

We’ve broken the information down into the best resources for healthcare workers/personnel and the general public, so no matter who you are or your role within this pandemic, you can feel well-informed.

5 Best COVID-19 Resources for Clinics/Healthcare Facilities 

01. 3D Printed Replacement N95 Masks

Neurosurgery residents came up with downloadable files to print PPE during the current shortage that works with any 3D printer. They also supply a list of materials and a helpful FAQ for printing. 

02. Public Health Procedures & Maintaining Childhood Immunizations During COVID-19 Pandemic 

CDC recommended strategies for clinics and healthcare facilities because it’s important to be proactive and methodical moving forward. 

03. Interim Guidelines for Management of COVID-19 Patients 

When in doubt, the CDC is always the best bet for up-to-date and factual information. 

04. Person Under Investigation (PUI) Human Infection Report Form

Trying times often produce an influx of clinical trials–here is a current list of all COVID-19 related trials in the works. 

5 Best COVID-19 Resources for the General Public 

01. CDC COVID-19 Basics 

How to protect yourself, how it spreads, and how to protect others. Some people still don’t understand the basics of this virus; that is a major factor that causes fear to spread–being uninformed. 

02. EPA Releases Disinfections for Use Against COVID-19 

This list is updated regularly and includes contact time required for disinfection (among other helpful tidbits). 

03. FDA Warns Against Fraudulent At-Home Test Kits 

Do not be fooled. At this time there is NO at-home COVID-19 test kit that has been approved and is on the market. Any tests claiming so are a hoax. 

04. 4 Minute Listen: CDC Model for the Month to Come

Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the CDC, answers questions for NPR about the COVID-19 pandemic. A few questions are highlighted in the 4-minute excerpt and a full transcript is listed below. (Key takeaways: 25% of people will be asymptomatic (show no symptoms) and social distancing needs to be taken seriously to contain the spread.)

05. John Hopkins University’s Global Virtual Map of COVID-19

The most comprehensive virtual map out there (that we’ve seen so far) including statistics, logarithms, and daily increases.