The Highlights: 

BioLab Sciences is….a regenerative health company that focuses on epithelial healing.
BioLab Sciences does not… sell directly to providers but through distributors like Salus Medical! 
To create their amnio-related products…

  • Consenting patients scheduled for C-sections donate their amniotic tissue (only donations from planned C-sections are accepted)
  • A separate tissue bank/company collects fluid/tissue
  • Collected tissue and fluid undergoes three rounds of testing to ensure the tissue or fluid is disease-free
  • And the tissue/fluid is terminally sterilized, which means there are no live stem cells in the final products

Notable Products: MyOwnSkin ™,  Amnio Breathe ™ Nebulizer Bundle, Wound Care Kit 

In case you were wondering…CPT and Q Codes are available for all products, allowing for reimbursement and BioLab Sciences even provides a code guide for providers! 

There is also a protein analysis guide for providers, which details the proteins targeted by each product. (Contact your Salus Sales Rep for both guides). 

MyOwnSkin ™ 

BioLab Science’s flagship product is MyOwnSkin ™ and the name and purpose of the product couldn’t be more on the nose. They have created a method for growing a patient’s own skin. Yes, you read that correctly, the patient’s own skin.

This is a proprietary and revolutionary technology in wound and burn care because it is a customizable product. And one of the primary benefits of MyOwnSkin ™  is that it eliminates grafting, which eliminates secondary injury throughout the healing process. 


A sample of the patient’s skin (roughly 1 cm; the size of a pinky nail or eraser end of a pencil) and a blood sample from the patient are collected by the physician and sent to BioLab Sciences. 
In 5-7 days the provider receives 4×4 inch squares (100cm) of the patient’s own skin, which can be used as an alternative to a skin graft or used in many other health and wound care settings. 
The sheets come in sets of three per skin/blood sample; if more sheets (depending on surface area of the wound) are needed, another skin and blood sample is required. 
There is an extremely low (if no) possibility of rejection because the body recognizes these sheets as its own skin. 


One demographic that has seen remarkable results with this product (even though they were not the initial target market/audience) is chronic, non-healing diabetic patients. 

MyOwnSkin ™ is particularly helpful for angiogenesis (blood vessel formation). And these patients are those where skin grafting is not even on the table of options for them. 

ORIGIN OF MyOwnSkin ™ 

The product was developed in South America (Columbia) when they needed a cheap solution to address issues like frequent chemical burns (battery acid was used instead of guns to hold up banks or to commit other everyday crimes). The product itself started in trauma medicine and progressed from there.

BioLab Sciences fully acquired the exclusive patent 2 years ago and have since acquired the original company that came up with the technology. 
They have worked very closely with the FDA to classify the product and their work to main stringent to FDA regulations and guidelines has enabled CMS to have their own Q-Code for reimbursement.

BioLab Sciences will also help facilitate preauthorizations with insurance companies for clinics that want access to this array of cutting-edge products. 
***MyOwnSkin is not a skin substitute and it is not a medical device.


All liquid products from BioLab Sciences are a liquid allograft derived from donated human amniotic fluid. 
The fluid is rich in cytokines and other natural growth factors needed in regenerative medicine for tissue repair. 
And what sets BioLab Science’s fluid apart from other similar products is that there is no added lyophilized membrane or micronized membrane added to the product. 
It spends its entire lifetime in fluid form; it is a pure fluid and is terminally sterilized with no live stem cells as stem cells are unstable when it comes to soft tissue repair. 
The absence of micronized particulates gives their products an edge. Additionally, there is no added color or preservatives that often act as an irritant to patients. 
The fluid can be injected with the smallest needle possible or micro needled depending on the purpose or location of tissue/wound. 
When in contact with a wound or targeted area, the first thing the fluid does is takes down inflammation and break up fibrous scar tissue creating the space for cell regeneration. 
 This year (2020) the FDA is cracking down on minimally manipulated amniotic fluid and since BioLabs has a pure fluid they are still able to keep their products on the market. 

  • The fluid is used often in the aesthetic medical space; Med Spas: micro-needling for face, hair, neck, chest
  • A good alternative to PRP facials, because the fluid is more hygienic and there are fewer cross-contamination risks 
  • Pain providers also use the fluid as an alternative to steroids to reduce pain and inflammation
  • An emerging use of the fluid is that the fluid is being nebulized for the respiratory system because it brings down inflammation in soft tissue and breaks down scarring 
  • Beginning to take off with Pulmonologists (who prefer the Amnio Breathe ™ Nebulizer Kit) 

*** One-year shelf life if kept at the correct temperature and in a sterile environment 


The membrane wrap and graft products are taken from the amnion layer and BioLab Sciences has a dual-layer (amnion-amnion) membrane. 
The membrane wrap and graft products are taken from the amnion layer and BioLab Sciences has a dual-layer (amnion-amnion) membrane. 
The membrane is never micronized to become fluid and like the fluid product, it spends its whole life as a membrane. 
Because of the tensile strength, the membrane can be placed either way. Furthermore, it can be stapled, sutured, glued, cut, pulled, shaped, and handled depending on the location of the tissue and/or wound.

BioLab Science’s Wound Kit includes both the membrane and fluid product, but also contains a debridement tool and antimicrobial wound fabric to aid in the healing process.


  • Wound care
  • Burn units
  • Surgery centers
  • General practitioners
  • So much more

**5-year shelf life for membrane wrap and graft products (if stored properly) 

It takes more time to produce both the liquid (because it is a pure liquid) and the membrane (because of the dual amnio layer), but BioLab Sciences is enthusiastic about creating the best possible products for providers to have at their fingertips. 

Worldwide health crisis or not, it’s important to share all the innovative medical technology we have available and the products we are excited about here at Salus Medical and BioLabs Sciences is at the top of our list!