Vendor Spotlight: Inject-Safe Barrier Bandages

Salus Medical is excited to introduce one of our newest products (and vendors) Inject-Safe Barrier Bandages!

Since one of the main purposes of this bandage is to promote efficiency, let’s get to the point with what you should know about Inject-Safe and its innovative barrier bandage

  • Inject-Safe began research and testing in 2011 and their Inject-Safe Barrier Bandage was introduced to the market four years ago. 
  • The patented technology was developed by a physician, retired military member, and head of anesthesiology, Dr. Watson.
  • The bandages are elastomeric, self-sealing, non-coring membranes (and latex-free).
  • The three main advantages to their design: they are safer, faster, and less expensive (meaning time & materials). 


There is a reduction in needle sticks, and the elimination of exposure to blood pathogens because of the self-sealing aspect. And the bandage also allows for a no-touch technique minimizing contact between patient and practitioner.


An unintended consequence of the bandage design is improved targeting of the injection; it’s more obvious where to place the injection. In early testing stages, this patented technology toyed around with the name “target patch”, because not only does it create a safer environment for clinicians and patients alike, but it helps improve accuracy at the injection site. And the circular design also mimics the shape of a target. 


Practices save (on average) $0.50 cents per injection, because of time saved and fewer materials used. No gloves or additional bandages are required. 

Other Benefits: 

  • 70% of patients in their flu trial reported less pain when receiving their injection because the nerve gate is occupied by the barrier. 
  • OSHA recognizes the bandage as an engineering control (barrier to contain pathogens beneath); it does not require gloves when using. 
  • The bandage is not to be removed until the patient gets home; it is meant to be left on like a regular bandage. As an added bonus, it prevents blood from getting on clothes. Note: For patients on blood thinners, direct pressure must be applied immediately after injection. 

The Inject-Safe Barrier Bandage is so innovative it can be placed on a balloon, punctured with a needle, and the balloon stays intact because of the self-sealing technology. It can withstand multiple punctures and reseal itself preventing anything from getting in or out of the barrier.

At the moment, these bandages are primarily used for injection sites, but the company hopes to move into blood draws in the near future.

For samples/trials:

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