Vendor Spotlight: Innovative Healthcare Corporation

Salus Medical is proud to introduce our first Vendor Spotlight, featuring our primary glove company, Innovative Healthcare Corporation. 

The Highlights: Innovative Healthcare Corporation

They are…

Our #1 pick for gloves at Salus as we build our glove portfolio.

They have… 
The best sampling system; they go above and beyond to find products that fit our client’s needs. 

They are also…

A privately held, certified veteran-owned business (VOSB) with 28 years of experience as a supplier to the healthcare industry. 
Their nationally distributed product offering includes an exceptionally wide range of exam and surgical gloves, as well as a full range of patient cleansing products and disposable apparel.

Wash, Don, Perform, Remove, Repeat

Healthcare professional’s hands take a beating. They wash their hands, don gloves, and wear those gloves for frequent periods of time.

Then they remove the gloves and wash their hands all over again. Not to mention, the actual movements and procedures completed by those hands on a daily basis. Continued work in the field can take its toll. 

Innovative Healthcare Corporation knows this and much more. Their understanding of the medical industry’s needs is unparalleled and thorough. (Although, if their gloves are good enough to do surgery, they are definitely good enough to stuff a turkey or serve those pastries–so the food-service industry should take note!) 
A representation of their extensive knowledge involves something that seems rather trivial –glove color.

Color = Function

Turns out it’s more than an aesthetic choice and can be very instrumental in a person’s ability to do their job well.

For example, police officers tend to prefer black gloves as they show powders (such as fentanyl) more easily or colored gloves which show blood more easily. 

EMT’s tend to prefer orange gloves because the color indicates emergency. However, they frequently write vitals on their gloves in the field so a color (if not orange) would be preferred.  

White is a popular color in the dental field because dentists often have to check gum tissue and glove color could potentially distort the color of the tissue being checked. 

Whereas oral surgery tends to prefer black because it hides the presence of blood from patients and many oral surgeries are performed while the patient is numbed, but still awake. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg of knowledge upon sitting down with a representative from Innovative Healthcare Corporation. 
And glove color aside, with every hand problem, IHC has a glove solution. 

Hand Problem, Glove Solution

Hand Fatigue:

It’s a big issue in the dental world, because of very precise movements and longer wear time. Pulse Pure has a new nitrile glove that is thin but still has the strength to withhold movement and stretching.
Skin Sensitivity: 
COATS has a nitrile oatmeal glove that soothes the skin as you wear it. 
Nitrile and latex allergies are prevalent, but Pulse Pure has a versatile glove made without the use of sulfur-based accelerators. 
Glove Length:

Innovative Healthcare Corporation also has access to elbow-length gloves needed for surgery or during the process of sterilizing equipment. 
These are just a few of the most common hand problems.

Don’t see your hand problem listed? Let us know and we will communicate with IHC to find the right glove solution for you!